BTS X EXO – Exotan Moments (UPDATED – 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje) – Stop the Fanwars

Ayo Ladies and gentlemen
Here’s a video that’ll hopefully end all fanwars that is combination of Exotan here’s a compilation of EXO x BTS moments that’ll melt your heart whether it’s Kai and Jimin moments,V and Suho,Baekhyun and Taehyung,Chanyeol and Suga, Suho V jhope,Chanyeol Jin, hyun family, exo bts friendship, BTS and EXO have been friends for a long time this video is full of moments such as Kai and Jimin ,Baekhyun and Taehyung moments,jennie kai moments,exo bts interaction,exo bts reaction,exo reaction bts 2018,exo bts 2018, exo reaction to bts, bts reaction to exo ,bts x exo mashup, BTS EXO ISAC among other moments hope you enjoy

KODOMOi – Sunshine
KODOMOi – Cloudy
Artinb – 입술 / LIPS

BTS – Just One Day

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